Advanced System Development

Kardouz has developed our own and most advanced methodology: KSCC (Kardouz Smart Clear Code) for system development.

Among the most important services we offer we can highlight:

  • Web development software for business intelligence
  • Creating and Advanced Interactive Websites, Self-Managed linked to databases.
  • Development of interactive and responsive web design Internet browsers (adjustable templates)
  • Development of Advanced Internet applications (Rich& RIAs Internet Applications) active pages with links to database (MySQL, SQL, Oracle); e-commerce, purchase systems, modules for online plans.(budgets)
  • Electronic Commerce (Business Intelligence)
  • Development of mobile applications (Android, iPhone)
  • Mobile Apps for industrial automation systems and buildings.
  • Development of videos, commercials for television and cinema ads.
  • Design in 3 dimensions; prospects, graphics, animations, etc.
  • Consulting and Webmaster service.
  • Training, Technical Seminars on development and Internet Marketing Strategies.

• Service VPS, hosting and email accounts

Consulting Services

If you got an idea but do not know how to start?

You know what you want, but do not know how to start?

You are pretty clear on what to do, but do not know who to hire for this?

We may help you in any stage of you project.  Our methodology and experience allow us to help you in a clear, easy and very understandable way.

We also can help you to just supervise your development if that is what you need.

Support & Maintenance

If you do not have the resources to keep your systems up and running, let us help you.

Do you need under demand assistance or support for your own users?   Kardouz counts we a call center 24×7 and we may help you, lets talk.

Updates & Upgrades

Are you missing your system last version? or you just want to move up to last technology?

We are available to help you, let´s talk about you needs.


Is your need training on a specific topic for your users?

Kardouz has professional resources that may help you.  Tell us about your need.

Special Developments

Do you need help with your professional videos or presentation

Kardouz has a great experience in this kind of developments.  Let us know about your project.